College Showcases

OGFC College Showcase
Tournament Rules and Regulations 

Tournament Headquarters 
Athletes in Action 
641 Taylor Drive 
Xenia, OH 45385
Phone: 937-352-1000

Tournament Address 
P.O. Box 72
Alpha, OH 45301

Team registration for the Ohio Galaxies Showcase will be by ONLINE submission only.  Click HERE for more information.

Team Eligibility
      TEAMS FROM THE UNITED STATES - For teams from the United States:
      1. The Players must present picture identification cards issued by the team's Federation
          Organization Member (USYSA, US CLUB SOCCER, other) 
      2. Teams must provide proof of approval of the team's participation from the team's Federation
          Organization Member. 
      3. USYSA teams from outside of Ohio South must provide proof of permission to travel.
          Teams must be in good standing with their Federation Organization. 

      FOREIGN TEAMS - For a team coming from a CONCACAF nation: 
      1. Players must present passports at registration or, if from a nation that the United States
          does not require a passport, proof of entry into the United States that is required by the
          United States. 
      2. Teams are required to have and present player picture identification cards. 
      3. Teams must have a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the
          team's participation in the tournament.

Coaches should bring player/coach passes and medical release forms to every game.

Players and Guest Players

All players must be registered for the current seasonal year. A player may play for only one team during the tournament. Maximum roster size is 22 for U13 -u19 age groups.  There is no restriction on the number of guest players players per team in the u15-u19 age groups.  A total of 6 guests players are permitted in the u13-u14 age groups.

•    Each guest player must be registered and have a valid, laminated player pass.
•    Each guest player must have a birth certificate written in English.
•    Each guest player must be identified on tournament roster.
•    Each guest player must have a current, notarized medical release. (Current means within the
     past 12 months.)

Tournament Match Laws
All matches must be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game in effect on January 1st of the year that the tournament is held, with certain Amendments as follows:

1. Substitution Time: Substitutes must be at the midfield line. Unlimited substitutions for all age
    groups will be allowed with the consent of the referee.
    A player may be substituted after a goal has been scored, on either team’s goal kick,  on either team’s throw-in, on either team’s corner kick,       or, upon any other stoppage in play, at the referee’s discretion.
    Each substitution must be with the approval of the referee. 

2. Match Lengths: Games will consist of two halves of equal length. See the chart below for game
    lengths for all divisions.  The Directors reserve the right to adjust game length for conditions
    beyond their control.
3. The game clock will not be stopped because of injury to any player, except if deemed necessary
    by the referee. Due to the time allowed for the completion of all games, the clock should run
4. It is the intent of the OGFC College Showcase to provide a three person referee system for all
    tournament matches; however, if deemed necessary, matches may be conducted with
    club linesmen.
5. A coach may coach more than one team during the tournament.

Game Length
Referees will limit half times to 5 minutes and do their best to start each match on time.
March Showcase: 2 x 35 minutes
All divisions will play 11 v 11 format.

Player Equipment
•    Shin guards are mandatory
•    All players except the goalkeeper must have uniforms with individual numbers on the shirts.
•    If the jersey color is similar or identical, the designated home team shall change jerseys.
•    No jewelry or watches are to be worn.
•    Casts - Players who are wearing protective casts are allowed to play if the cast is wrapped
      in foam or other protective material that will protect other players.  Such protection must be
      approved by the referee prior to the start of the match.

Game Check-In 
Prior to the start of each scheduled game, each team must present to the referee the team’s laminated player cards so the team may be checked in to play and the game started as scheduled.

Referees will be USSF certified.

•    There shall be no dissent between players and/or coaches and the referee. Questioning a referee’s call constitutes dissent.
•    Any player or coach ordered off the field by the referee for misconduct will serve a one (1) game
     suspension, as determined by the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director shall review each
     incident based on the report of the referee. The Tournament Director’s decision with respect to any
     suspension shall NOT be subject to review or appeal.
•    Referees will report red cards/ejections of all players, coaches or spectators to the Tournament Referee Coordinator. The Tournament   Committee and/or Tournament Referee Coordinator will file reports of red cards/ejections to the appropriate state association at the end of the tournament.
•    Any disciplinary action will be reported to the team’s governing organization and for CONCACAF 
      teams, will be reported to USSF.
•    Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators, specifically verbal abuse of
      the referees. Such abuse will not be tolerated. Violation may result in forfeiture of the game and/or
      expulsion from further play.
•    The Event Director or his/her designee has the right to ask anyone to leave the complex for 
      unsportsmanlike behavior.

Spectator and Coaching Areas
•    Both teams will sit on the same side of the field.
•    A maximum of 3 coaches are permitted on the coaches' side of the field.
•    All coaches will remain within 20 yards of the centerline on their half of the field.
•    Parents and spectators must sit in the appropriate areas across from their team.

Standings and Tie Breakers
The center referee will keep the official game card, which he shall receive from the designated field marshal prior to each game. The center referee shall obtain the signature of each linesman and each participating head coach at the conclusion of each game. The referee will be responsible for returning the game card to the designated field marshal at the conclusion of each game.
All teams are guaranteed three matches. At the completion of the College Showcase, one winner per age group will be named based on the results of group games. However, we encourage all teams to participate in the spirit of “showcasing” all players on all teams.

Standings and Tie Breaks shall be determined as follows:

1. Game Points – Points will be awarded for each game in accordance with the following schedule: 
      a. Six points for a WIN 
      b. Three points for a TIE 
      c. Zero points for a LOSS 
      d. One point for a SHUT-OUT (including 0-0 game) 
      e. One point for each goal scored, up to three maximum, regardless of win or loss. 
      f. In the event of a forfeit, the score shall be recorded as 1-0 and three points shall be awarded.

2. Tie Breaking - In the event of a points tie, places will be determined as follows: 
      a. Head to head. 
      b. Goal differential (maximum of 5 goal difference per game). 
      c. Most goals scored (maximum of 5 goals per game). 
      d. Least goals allowed. 
      e. If a tie still exists, the two teams will be declared Co-Champions.

Inclement Weather
The Showcase Committee shall have the authority to make the following changes if deemed necessary:
A.   Shorten the duration of the games.
B.   Suspend temporarily or permanently any games in progress.
C.   Cancel any or all games if necessary. Ohio Galaxies FC, Athletes in Action, the Showcase Committee,
      any of our sponsors, advertisers, and supporters are not responsible for any expense incurred by
      cancellations of scheduled games.

•    Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field of
      play ready to play as scheduled.
•    Only the Event Director or his/her designee can cancel or postpone a match.
•    The safety of the players and spectators will be the first concern in making any
      weather decisions.
•    Should a match's progress be terminated due to severe weather conditions, the game will be
      considered official.
•    Teams should not leave the complex until the event committee has determined the status of
      their match.

Showcase Complex Rules (All Locations)
•    No alcoholic beverages are permitted.  Anyone found with alcohol (player, coach or
      spectator) will cause the entire team with which they are associated to be asked to
      leave the complex.
•    The complex speed limit is 10 MPH.  Observe directional signs and obey instructions of parking
      directors.  Park in designated areas only.
•    No pets are allowed at the complex.
•    No smoking or verbal abuse at the complex.
•    All participants in the Ohio Galaxies Showcase will be expected to maintain high standards of
      conduct while at the complexes and during their stay in the Dayton area.  These standards are
      expected of players, coaches, referees, and other guests in the dormitories, hotels and motels.

•    All decisions of the referee are final and binding.
•    No protests will be heard.
•    The Showcase Committee and Ohio Galaxies FC will not be responsible for any expenses
      incurred by any team or club if the event is canceled in whole or in part.